About Moocs

MOOC is an acronym that stands for “Massive Open Online Course”.

A MOOC is a university course offered online and available for free to everyone who has access to the Internet. MOOCs at iversity are more than just filmed lectures. The content is customised and designed specifically for online teaching. An open course transforms the traditional course concept, uses multimedia formats and allows for easy interaction online.

Participating at a MOOC at iversity doesn’t cost a cent – it’s completely for free! Assuming that you already have a working computer or mobile device and access to the Internet, no extra expenses apply. An exception are our professional development courses, so called PRO-courses.

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    Dipl.-Ing. Peter Aßmann

    i do not have access any more on the following MOOCS: " Mathematisches Denken" von Prof. Spannagel. Can i buy this course on DVD or download??

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