Requirements & Pricing

You are eligible to get/purchase (either you are in a Pro Course or in a MOOC) a Statement of Participation if you have passed the 80% threshold of progress in your course.

If you are studying in a MOOC, you can get a Statement of Participation by clicking on the red upgrade button inside your course. Purchasing a Statement of Participation in a MOOC costs 29€. For more information about upgrading your course, click here

If you are studying in a pro course, the costs of the Statement of Participation are already included in the course fee. If you want to download your Statement of Participation, you have to click on the "certificates" tab in the navigation bar. You will be able to download the Statement of Participation if you have reached the 80% course progress.

Keep in mind that the information displayed on the Statement of Participation is delivered by your iversity account. You might need to update your user name in the account settings so that your correct name is shown on your Statement of Participation. 




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