Online-Proctored Exam Requirements

In order to participate in the exam you have to purchase an upgrade for the Certificate of Accomplishment first. 

You do not need to achieve a minimum course progress, but it is highly recommended that you actually have studied the course content intensively before taking the exam.

Following things you will need for the exam:

  • Good internet connection and enough time besides for the actual exam, time for the system check and the installation of the proctoring software. How to install the Remote Proctor Now software is also displayed in this screencast.
  • Identification – You will need to provide an identity card that is valid in your country and includes a picture (typically your passport or driving license). You have to be registered with your real name at the iversity platform.
  • Hardware – You need a working microphone, speakers and a webcam
    (these may be built-in external devices connected via USB, but do not use headsets). Mobile devices like tablets or smartphones are not
  • Software – Once you open the exam, you will need to download and install the Proctor Now software. In addition, Adobe Flashplayer is required. If it is not installed already you will be prompted to do so during the setup process.
  • Operating system – We recommend to use a computer running Microsoft Windows minimum of Vista (Win XP may still work, but official support expired on April 8th 2014) or Apple Macintosh Mac OSX 10.8.x or newer.
  • Full access – Please make sure that you take the exam on a computer, on which you have permission to install the required software. This will probably not be the case on computers with limited access, as typically used in libraries or public computer pools.

For more information about the Software system check go here.

Go here to see how the installation process of the proctoring software works.


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