General Information About the Online-Proctored Exam

An online proctored exam is similar to an on-site exam. You have a specified time duration to complete it. The only difference is: while taking the exam on your computer, you are supervised by a third-party service provider, Remote Proctor. Their software will make sure it’s actually you who’s taking the exam.

Please keep in mind that there is an important difference between the amount of exam periods in Self-Paced and Scheduled Courses.

In Scheduled Courses you have just one determined exam period at the end of the course. The exam takes always place after the runtime of the course which is set by the course instructor and communicated as the only chance to take part in the exam.

In Self-Paced courses three to four exam periods are offered throughout a year. If you have missed the chance to participate in the upcoming exam, you can take the next one. Be aware that you can participate only in one exam.


You can check the different exam periods in the exam chapter. 



How the proctoring works?

The software will monitor all activities on your screen and in your room during the exam to avoid cheating.

As opposed to on-site exams, there is no set day and time when you have to take the exam, but a period of time during which you can take it (typically one week). Once you have started the actual exam, you will have to finish it in one session and within a given amount of time.

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