Installing the Proctoring Software

Once you open the exam, you can start the Software secure system check. After that you need to install the proctoring software and go through the registration process by following these instructions:

  • Once the Software secure system check is done, the download of the Remote Proctor NOW software starts.
  • Close all open browsers or any other applications that can potentially be used to cheat (do this even before starting the exam)
  • Install the software 
  • Choose from the drop-down menu the course teacher and the corresponding exam 
  • Fill out the form with your name and email address and other required information

How to install the Remote Proctor Now software is also displayed in this screencast.

During the registration process the software:

  • Will take a photo of your identity card that is valid in your country and includes a picture (typically your passport or driving license).
  • Will take a picture of yourself.
  • You will need to provide a room scan.

Once you go through the whole proctoring process, you get back to the exam on the iversity page. 

Right before the exam starts you will be asked to insert a exam password. Click "Insert Password" on the top of the page and the exam time will start. 



A proctored exam session will require you to close other open browsers or any other applications that can potentially be used to cheat on an exam, such as Skype. For a smoother exam experience, we recommend closing any such programs before launching the Remote Proctor software. 


You should also be registered with your real name at the iversity platform.



If you have problems with the download, the exam password or anything else please go here or contact us directly. 

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