Submitting Your Quiz Answers

Quizzes are a great way for you to apply immediately what you have just learned.

In most cases they are in another tab, so you can not watch the video and answer the questions at the same time. To answer the quiz questions, click on the tab above the video.


Here are the steps you need to follow to submit your quiz answers:

  1. Before you start, make sure you have updated your browser to its latest version
  2. This is a single choice question, as mentioned below the quiz question. Single choice questions can also be recognised by the circular tick box (instead of a squared one)
  3. Once you have chosen your answer, a blue Submit button will appear - click there to submit your answer


  1. Chose the wrong answer? No problem! You can have as many tries as you need, since the quizzes are not graded
  2. Sometimes, instructors include hints to help you find the correct answer
  3. Just keep trying until the green smiley appears!

Can't submit your answers? Please contact our support. 

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