Software Secure System Check

In order to start the exam, you need to go to the exam chapter and open the exam. 

Before the actual exam time starts you will be prompted to do the Software secure system check.

Hardware and software requirements:

You will be redirected to the page where the software tests your webcam, your microphone and your internet connection.

You need a working microphone, speakers and a webcam (these may be built-in external devices connected via USB, but do not use headsets).

Mobile devices like tablets or smartphones are not supported.

Once the test is successfully finished, you will be redirected to download the proctoring software Remote Proctor Now. In addition, Adobe Flashplayer is required. If it is not installed already you will be prompted to do so during the setup process.

Please make sure that you take the exam on a computer, on which you have permission to install the required software. This will probably not be the case on computers with limited access, as typically used in libraries or public computer pools.

After the installation progress you have to open the Remote Proctor Now software.

You can find a screencast how to absolve the software security check an more information here.


You can also do the Software system check already a couple of days before you actually take the exam. Visit and follow the instructions.


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